When you upload a spreadsheet to be geocoded, we'll leave your columns in place and append additional columns to the existing spreadsheet. 

We'll leave the rest of your columns untouched. If you have information that's important to you in the spreadsheet, like a user ID number, you can leave that in there and it'll still be there when you download the completed file.

In addition to the latitude & longitude, we also append a few helpful pieces of data, like accuracy score, accuracy type, and the parsed addresses.

The columns we'll add to your spreadsheet are:

  • Latitude and longitude
  • Accuracy score and accuracy type: The accuracy score and the accuracy type tell you how accurate the results are. Accuracy scores of .8-1 are the most confident, and an accuracy type of rooftop is the most accurate. Point, range interpolated, and street center accuracy generally mean the result is on the block but not the exact address. Accuracy depends on the underlying data available for a particular area, and we're constantly updating and improving our underlying data. (For more on accuracy, see here.)
  • Standardized addresses: We'll return the parsed address data as individual, standardized values. You'll find that street suffixes and directions are always abbreviated, and the capitalization of words are also standardized.
  • County
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