Before you get started

  • Send your 12-digit AWS account number to your Geocodio representative
  • Per default, supplied AMI's are available in the us-east-1 region -- US East (N. Virginia). Be sure to let us know if you wish to use a different region.

Geocodio will supply you with:

  • An AMI id
  • A unique API key

Launch a geocodio instance via the AWS dashboard

  • Go to the AWS EC2 dashboard
  • Make sure to select the appropriate AWS region
  • Click "AMIs" in the left navigation to see the list of available AMIs.
  • In the list view, select the "Private images" filter and search for the supplied AMI id.
  • Right click on the supplied image and select "Launch"
  • In the launch wizard, select the following options:

Instance type: m5.4xlarge
Root volume: 320gb, GP2 SSD (Should already be pre-filled)
Security group: Make sure to open TCP port 80 and 443 for IP addresses or security groups that need access to the geocoding API.

Scaling Geocodio

If your license permits it, you can launch multiple instances using the instructions above.

The simplest way to orchestrate this is using Amazon ELB to distribute the load between your provisioned instances.

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