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2,500 free geocodes per day

When you use Geocodio, the first 2,500 geocodes per day are free. A credit card is not required to create an account, use our API, or upload files up to this limit. 

To remove the 2,500 limit, you need to add a credit card to your account.

Estimating cost

To estimate how much your geocoding will cost, you can use our pricing calculator. It will automatically calculate the cost and include any applicable volume discounts.

First, you'll need to select whether you're calculating for one-time or monthly recurring usage.

Then, enter the number of addresses (lookups) you'd like to geocode, or lat/lon pairs you'd like to turn into addresses.

If you'd like to append additional data, you can calculate the cost of that here too.

The resulting calculation is an estimate. It may be slightly lower since you will only be charged for successful lookups.

If your organization requires a formal estimate before using an external service, please contact us.

Payment Methods

You will need to add a credit card to your account in order to get more than 2,500 geocodes per day. You can add a credit card via our secure dashboard.

If your organization does not permit you to use a credit card, please contact us and we can arrange paper or ACH billing.

Billing Frequency

Pay-as-you-go usage is billed on the first of the following month. Any applicable volume discounts will be granted based on your usage for the entire month.

Unlimited subscriptions are billed on the date the subscription began, starting on the first day of the subscription. Any outstanding pay-as-you-go usage charges will be billed at the same time.

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