You can use Geocodio's API to integrate geocoding of US and Canadian locations directly into your app or CRM. 

Our API can be used to convert addresses or city/state into latitude and longitude or turn latitude and longitude into addresses. You can also get Census tracts, Congressional districts, state legislative districts, school districts, and timezones for those addresses or lat/lon points.

We've designed it to be as painless as possible.

  • Easy to implement: Thanks to the open source community, there are Geocodio libraries for languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Go, Perl, Clojure, and R
  • Scalable: There is no daily limit on the number of requests you can make
  • Complete data flexibility: No usage restrictions whatsoever. See our full Terms of Use.
  • No unnecessary hassles: No attribution requirements or stipulations that you display the data with a branded map
  • Secure: All data is handled securely via HTTPS. See our full security information.


We encourage you to test our API before implementing in production. Creating an API key is free, and you can test up to 2,500 lookups per day for free.

Where possible, we recommend batching requests in groups of up to 10,000 for faster response time.

High Volume

If you anticipate having high-volume usage (either in terms of total number of requests or velocity of requests), we offer dedicated resource options: Geocodio Unlimited, and on-premises. 

Geocodio Unlimited

  • Dedicated instance of Geocodio that we host for you
  • Ability to process at least 200,000 lookups per hour/4.8M per day (300,000 per hour/7.2M per day for reverse geocoding)
  • $750 per month; annual billing available
  • Double capacity for an additional $500/month


We can also create a custom on-premises plan for you that meets your organization's needs. Please reach out to us if this is something you're interested in learning more about.

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