With Geocodio, you can parse and standardize addresses.

When you submit any address to Geocodio for geocoding, we will also return a standardized, parsed address that is split into its primary components: street number and street name, city, county, state, and postal code.* 

When you submit latitude/longitude pairs for conversion into addresses, we will return them in a parsed and standardized format.

Address parsing and standardization is included by default with our results for no additional charge.

There are two ways we can parse addresses for you:

  • From a spreadsheet or list
  • Programmatically via API

Address parsing from a spreadsheet or list

You can use our upload tool to parse and standardize addresses that are in a spreadsheet or list format. Addresses can be in one column or in separate columns.

We suggest doing a little pre-upload grooming before geocoding your list. You'll want to:

  • If your addresses are in multiple columns (as below), make sure your list or spreadsheet has headers corresponding to the different address components
  • Clearly mark countries, if applicable. Canadian addresses must be accompanied by a country column stating "Canada"

After going through the upload process, we'll return a downloadable CSV with your results. The results will look like this:

Submitted (one column):

Submitted (multiple columns):

Geocoded and parsed results:


You can also parse and standardize addresses via API. This is useful if you want to integrate address parsing directly into your app, CRM, or database.

For example, given 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington DC, Geocodio will return:

You can test this out yourself in your browser.  You'll need to to create an API key and insert it into the end of that URL. Creating an API key is free and you can test up to 2,500 addresses per day (no credit card required).

You can see more details on how to integrate address parsing in our documentation.

Cost of address parsing and standarization

Address parsing and standardization is included by default with our results for no additional charge.

You can use our pricing calculator to estimate how much you'll be charged and, if you're planning to upload a list, how long the upload process will take. Volume discounts automatically kick in at 250,000 lookups.

You'll be charged via credit card for your usage on the first of the following month. Volume discounts will be applied at the time of payment based on your usage for the entire calendar month. 

*Note: For licensing reasons, we only support postal codes for the US, and we do not support ZIP+4. If you submit addresses with ZIP+4, we will strip the +4 from the results. Postal codes for Canadian addresses will be ignored and are not be returned with results.

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