Geocodio is a software-as-a-service company that provides geocoding services. Our software can be used to convert addresses, city/state, and US zip codes into latitude and longitude pairs and convert latitude and longitude pairs into addresses. 

Why latitude and longitude?

The most tangible use of latitude and longitude pairs are is to display information on a map -- a list of store locations, perhaps. In order to make a map online, you must first convert addresses to lat/lon.

Latitude/longitude pairs are also the connecting point to other valuable pieces of data about an address, such as political districts, time zones, or Census information. Without lat/lon, it is diffucult to add this information. 


Currently, Geocodio supports the US and Canada. We have rooftop-level data for most of the US. The next major item on our roadmap is to add additional countries (at city level). You can view our coverage information here.

Data provided by Geocodio

In addition to basic latitude/longitude information, Geocodio enables people to look up the following additional data points for an address or lat/lon pair.

We also return clean, parse, and standardize addresses by default with our results.


All coordinates are returned in EPSG:3857, also known as Web Mercator or WGS 84. You can read more about this projection here.

Data Sources

Geocodio sources data exclusively from publicly-available datasets. For example, many cities and counties have latitude and longitude information available for addresses within their jurisdiction for tax purposes. Because we are working with publicly-available datasets, we can keep our prices low for customers and avoid putting usage restrictions on how customers use data derived from Geocodio.


We do not impose any restrictions on how you use data derived from Geocodio. This is a primary reason we created the service -- we ourselves were boxed out by restrictions from existing providers. This means that you can store latitude/longitude and other location data provided by Geocodio in a CRM, create maps without having to put the service provider's name on it, integrate geocoding into your app without attribution, resell our geocoding services, or use it for fleet tracking. 


Given a reasonably clean and formatted list of addresses across the US, you can expect 50% rooftop (the exact address), 40% range interpolated (the block), and 10% city level or less lower accuracy types. We are regularly adding additional data sets that improve our accuracy.

Each geocoded result is returned with an accuracy score, which is a decimal number ranging from 0.00 to 1.00. This score is generated by the internal Geocodio engine based on how accurate the result is believed to be. The higher the score, the more accurate the result. Results are always returned ordered by accuracy score.

For example, if against all odds an address simply can’t be found, instead of returning no results, Geocodio will return a geocoded point based on the zip code or city but with a much lower accuracy score and accuracy type set to “place.”

Generally, accuracy scores that are larger than or equal to 0.8 are more accurate, whereas results with lower accuracy scores might be very rough matches.

Using the Software

There are two ways to do lat/lon conversion using Geocodio: via API, and via our spreadsheet upload tool

Thanks to the open source community, we have libraries for many different programming languages to make it easy for you to integrate Geocodio into your website, CRM, or application. 

Accounts can have multiple API keys. This can be useful if you’re working on several projects or with clients and want to track usage per API key or be revoke access for a particular project. You can also download a report of usage and fees per API key.

Spreadsheets can be uploaded in CSV, TSV, or Excel formats, or by copy/pasting a list. When your list upload is complete, you will receive an email with a link to download the completed file and to view a map of the results. You can read more about geocoding spreadsheets here.

Accuracy Types

An accuracy type is also returned with all results. The accuracy types are different for forward and reverse geocoding results. We return the following accuracy types with all results.

Address => Latitude/Longitude Conversion

  • rooftop: We found the exact point with rooftop level accuracy 
  • point We found the exact point from address range interpolation where the range contained a single point 
  • range_interpolation We found the exact point by performing address range interpolation 
  • street_center The result is a geocoded street centroid 
  • place The point is a city/town/place 
  • state The point is a state 

Latitude/Longitude => Address Conversion

  • nearest_street: Nearest match for a specific street with estimated street number
  • nearest_place: Closest city/town/place 

We recommend using a combination of the accuracy score and accuracy type to evaluate and filter the returned results.

Batch/Bulk Geocoding

Geocodio can be used to turn addresses into latitude and longitude in bulk. There is no minimum number of requests, and there is no maximum number of requests. We do not rate limit.

  • API: Up to 10,000 in a single batch; no limit on the number of batches.
  • Spreadsheet upload: The file size limit is 1 gigabyte. In many cases, this means you can upload a list of 10 million or more addresses. 

Concierge Geocoding

If you have more than 15 million addresses and need them geocoded within a short timeframe, please email us. We can create a custom resourcing solution to meet your needs.

Terms of Service

We have a Terms of Service. If your Legal team has questions or redlines regarding any particular section, please let us know. We are often able to make one-off changes for specific customers.

Application Security

All data on the Geocodio platform (internally and externally) is transferred securely via HTTPS (with the exception of customers who explicitly decide to use the non-HTTPS API endpoint).

We utilize physical, dedicated servers — we are not sharing resources with others. We use a state of the art data center located in Germany that has strict access control with key cards and 24/7 surveillance. Our infrastructure is distributed across multiple physical data centers, operated by the same company for full redundancy.

Data Storage

When using our list upload tool: The geocoded file is stored securely with Amazon Web Services in the US. You can permanently delete the file at any time via the dashboard.

When using our API: Some API transactions are logged for analytics and Q/A purposes. This data is never shared with third-parties. You are welcome to opt-out of the Q/A process. Please email us if you would like to opt-out of Q/A.

We do not log transactions for customers on the Unlimited plan as this service is unmetered.

HIPAA Compliance

Geocodio is HIPAA-compliant, through our separate HIPAA product.


We have two basic pricing types: pay-as-you-go and unlimited.

Latitude/longitude conversions count as a single lookup, and additional data points each count as a lookup. We only charge for addresses that are successfully found.

Pay-as-you-go customers are billed on the first of the following month for usage incurred during the prior month. Volume discounts are automatically applied based on the entire month's usage.

  • First 2,500 addresses per day are free
  • Additional lookups are $0.50/1,000 after that ($0.0005/each)
  • Volume discounts apply after 250,000 lookups

To see how much you'll be charged, please see our pricing calculator.

Unlimited customers are billed on the day of the month their plan began. Usage is not tracked, and there are no limits to the number of requests you can make.

  • Unlimited customers are given a dedicated instance of Geocodio
  • A single unlimited instance can process a minimum of 200,000 lookups per hour
  • The first instance is $750 per month; additional instances are $500 per month
  • No contract or commitment required

Payment Security

All credit card information is stored by our payment provider, Stripe, and is not on stored on our servers. Stripe is PCI Service Provider 1 compliant, and we follow all required updates to remain secure. You can read Stripe's full security documentation here.


We generally bill via credit card. 

Pay-as-you-go customers are billed on the first of the month for the prior month's usage, and unlimited customers are billed on the anniversary of their subscription start date. 

You will be emailed a receipt when you are charged. Note, we unfortunately do not provide receipts in the dashboard due to limitations by our payment provider. But, you can always reach out and we'll be happy to re-send a receipt(s).

If you would prefer to pay via ACH or paper check, please send us an email or chat.

Estimates/Procurement Systems/Etc

If monthly billing via credit card does not work for your finance department, please email us and we'll work something out. 

We're happy to provide you with an estimate, a custom invoice with your purchase order, yearly billing, or bill through your procurement system. 

Certificates of Insurance

If your Legal department requires a COI, please email us.


Please email us for our W-9. 


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please send us an email or chat.. We're a small shop and like hearing from and helping our customers.

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